Are you looking for a quality and easy to setup way how to track your sales representatives?

Do you want to give your employees more in payroll or you are forced to do it because of law?

Struggling with getting more understanding of your customers and sales team performance?

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3,400+ ratings on Play Store

"Awesome. Can't do my job without it"

Brett Slack
Dec 4, 2015, Google Play

"What a great app. No bother at all, just set it on auto and forget about it. Every movement track and logged, along with speed statsnfor each trip."

Sandile Mthethwa
Apr 12, 2016, Google Play

"Fantastic app. Application works as described. Nice battery saving features. Simple to use on the mobile side as well as the server side."

Eric Robinson
Jan 22, 2015, Google Play

"It did exactly what it said it would. I love this app and would recommend this app to anyone."

Justin Commee
Jan 9, 2016, Google Play

"Perfect! I love this app, runs seamlessly in the background and records my trips near perfectly on my Galaxy Note3. Highly recommended. Also received helpful advice when needed from the developer. 5 stars!!"

David Cann
Jul 3, 2015, Google Play

"The best trip tracker ever It does what other trackers can't and it does it so well."

Tumo Maokisa
Jan 18, 2015, Google Play

"Impressive! This is the third of this kind of app I've tried and this one showed my route of the day on the map exactly where I've been or I'm at. Not just zigzagging lines and points on the map I don't even recognize."

Junnell Accento
Nov 6, 2015, Google Play

"Amazingly easy to use. Been testing offline functionality and then Sync, then analysis online. Works great."

Art Thai
Jun 30, 2015, Google Play

"This is a great product and has very good support."

Ken Rembold
Jan 11, 2016, Google Play

"Great App and great service!!! Use on a daily basis and have never had any problems."

Donald Garrison
Aug 19, 2015, Google Play

"Exceeded my high expectations. This app does what it says it can do. It's so easy to work and sooo awesome for work."

Todd Shaver
Apr 11, 2016, Google Play

Time-proven solution that helps companies to track their sales workforce without any additional costs related to GPS hardware installation and maintenance.

MyCarTracks consist of Free Android App Tracker and Secured Web Application
Android App

Android application

Yes, no GPS hardware, all you need is Android phone or tablet that your employee wears when doing his job. It's so easy!

You or your employee then installs our fully automatic mileage logger. The app seamlesly records all trips made throughout the day, they don't have to worry about anything.

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Web application

Web application

With our secured web app you always know where are your sales reps. and where they have been.

Download mileage reports in various formats incl. CSV or through API and reimburse miles in payroll.

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Geofence Analytics

Geofence Analytics

Define your customers and let MyCarTracks analyse all your recroded data to create performace reports.

With our Analytics you will know when your employees were idling, visited customers, how long they spent there and how much they drove to get there. You can identify which customer is most expensive or find best performers.

* This feature is available only with Fleet professional plan

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